Almanzo 100

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News and updates regarding the Greatest Gravel Road Race in the state of Minnesota.

Located: Rochester, Minnesota
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2012 Registration on Dec 19, 2011If you're looking for information on registering for the 2012 Almanzo or Royal events, we moved everything over here. Sorry for any confusion.

Maintenance on Sep 11, 2011If you're looking for the site, it's down for a little bit while we work on a few technical aspects of it. We appreciate your patience and we'll have the site back up shortly.

We moved. on Jul 26, 2011After a fair amount of thought and consideration, we've decided to move (all of the posts from here have moved as well) to another digital location. From now on, we'll be posting everything Almanzo related and otherwise over on the new site, Almanzo.

Something new on Jul 14, 2011Started up a little something new. It's over here. Check it out if you like. For what it's worth, I moved all the posts from this blog over there too just in case you have a favorite one...Thanks for looking.Best Always,Chris-cs...

2011 Gentlemen's Ride on Jul 1, 2011Registration for the 2011 Gentlemen's Ride is open and will be done by postcard. The race is set for Saturday, September 24th. Each team of four riders must have in it's ranks at least one rider from the 2011 Almanzo 100. The event will be timed in a...

Capricorn looking for assistance. on Jun 26, 2011Brad Wilson from Capricorn Bicycles is looking for some help. He has been a big supporter of the Almanzo since 2008 and is looking for someone to give him a hand with some marketing stuff in regards to fine, handmade bicycles. If you're qualified and...